July 14, 2024

Resources for the Future (RFF)

Resources for the Future
RFF Analysis of Net-zero Projections Finds Continued Fossil Fuel Use
Many recent projections for energy use have fossil fuel use plateauing after 2030, when it needs to rapidly decline to meet midcentury carbon targets, Resources for the Future said.
4 Things Cathy Zoi Learned About the Car-charging Business as Head of EVgo
Charging company EVgo has yet to earn a profit. But Cathy Zoi, who headed the company for six years, is bullish on the industry’s future.
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RGGI Studies Find Economic Benefits for Participants, Little Impact to Pa. Energy Prices
Two recent reports found that participation in RGGI produces economic benefits and that Pennsylvania would see a small change in power prices should it join.
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Overheard at RFF Net Zero Economy Summit
Decarbonizing the hardest-to-decarbonize industries will likely entail learning lessons from past failures, according to panelists at the RFF summit.
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RFF Summit Seeks Effective, Efficient, Equitable Paths to Net Zero
The summit dug into the economics and politics surrounding net-zero initiatives, the progress being made and the inertia that continues to slow the transition.
Resources for the Future
How Much Will the IRA Cut GHG Emissions, Home Energy Costs?
A panel of industry analysts presented their estimates of how much the Inflation Reduction Act would reduce emissions and its impact on household energy costs.
Expert Says Nuclear’s Future Lies in Small Reactors
Small, dispersed reactors can forge a quicker path to zero-carbon electricity portfolios, Jessica Lovering told a webinar audience.
PJM: Carbon Pricing the Answer to Subsidy Dispute
A PJM official urged officials to embrace carbon pricing rather than exit the capacity market in response to FERC expanding the minimum offer price rule.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: July 31, 2019
The Analysis Group will delay the release of a carbon pricing study expected to be completed this month, CEO Rich Dewey told the Management Committee.
Study: Carbon Adder Supports NY Clean Energy Goals
A $63/ton carbon price could drive New York state's clean energy penetration to as high as 64% of the state’s resource mix by 2025.

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