April 21, 2024

restoration pricing

MISO Revisits Scarcity Pricing Rethink
MISO is once again evaluating the effectiveness of the rules behind its scarcity pricing just three years after shelving a similar effort.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: Dec. 3, 2019
MISO is moving ahead with a proposal to bring solar generation into market dispatch, reusing many rules that brought dispatchable wind generation.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: Oct. 10, 2019
MISO is planning a spring filing with FERC to implement a payment structure for resources that re-energize islanded areas of the grid following a blackout.
MISO Stakeholders Weigh Restoration Pricing Options
A MISO task team began to develop a scheme to compensate resources that deliver restoration energy in the event the wholesale market ceases to function.
MISO Prototyping Short-term Reserve Product
MISO will prototype its proposed short-term reserve product to demonstrate cost and benefits to its members.
MISO to Explore Restoration Compensation
The MISO Market Subcommittee agreed to examine a new market mechanism to compensate resources for delivering system restoration energy.

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