April 16, 2024

revenue sufficiency guarantee (RSG)

MISO Begins Software Build on Short-term Reserves
MISO has begun developing the software to create a 30-minute reserve product for use in late 2021.
MISO Outlines Energy Storage Make-whole, Performance Rules
In a special conference call, MISO officials went over how the RTO would treat energy storage resources in its markets in compliance with FERC Order 841.
FERC Seeks Info on MISO South Capacity Plan, SPP Tx Limit
FERC is seeking more specifics on MISO’s plan for reserve procurement enhancement in MISO South.
Monitor Recommends 9 New MISO Market Changes
The MISO Market Monitor still sees room for significant improvement after giving the RTO’s markets a passing grade.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
The MISO Market Subcommittee discussed FERC's recent order on energy storage and December's spike in revenue sufficiency guarantee payments.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
MISO's mechanism for allocating charges under its settlement with SPP was certified by a FERC administrative law judge the same day the Market Subcommittee met.

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