June 24, 2024


SPP Working to Respond to FERC’s Quick-Start Directive
SPP told members how it will respond to the FERC order that found the RTO was suppressing investment signals by not allowing quick-start resources to set LMPs.
FERC Drops Fast-Start NOPR; Orders PJM, SPP, NYISO Changes
FERC dropped its plan for a one-size-fits-all rule on fast-start pricing, instead issuing individual orders requiring PJM, SPP and NYISO to change their tariffs.
Critics Slam PJM’s NOPR Alternative as ‘Windfall’
The PJM Independent Market Monitor and other critics say the alternative the RTO proposed to the DOE NOPR would also be expensive and undermine the markets.
FERC’s Independence to be Tested by DOE NOPR
Rick Perry acted within his authority in ordering FERC to consider his NOPR to support coal and nuclear, but he has no power to make it provide the relief.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
MISO may retire its Credit Settlements Working Group because of a lack of substantive work and stakeholder volunteers willing to chair the group.
FERC: Let Fast-Start Resources Set Prices
RTOs and ISOs would be required to incorporate fast-start resources into energy and ancillary services pricing under proposed rules approved by FERC.

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