November 28, 2023


FERC Orders Reliability Rules for Inverter-Based Resources
FERC issued a final rule Thursday directing NERC to develop standards to improve the reliability of inverter-based resources.  
Claus Ableiter, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
New York Considering Standards for IBRs
The New York State Reliability Council has approved a uniform set of requirements for inverter-based resources over 20 MW to connect to the NYISO grid.
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NERC Pushes Alternate IBR Standards Timeline in Response to NOPR
NERC and the regional entities called FERC’s proposal for new reliability standards focused on inverter-based resources “complementary" to ERO Enterprise work.
EDF Renewables
MISO Broaches Inverter-based Performance Requirements
MISO said it will begin discussions on inverter-based resource performance requirements in spring as the entire industry inches toward standardization.
FERC Addresses IBRs in Multiple Orders
At its open meeting, FERC significantly advanced NERC’s remit to address the challenges posed by the growth of renewables on the bulk electric system.

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