September 22, 2023


NYISO to Ask FERC for Order 2023 Compliance Extension
NYISO said it plans to file a motion with FERC for an extension on the compliance deadline for Order 2023, according to a presentation given to stakeholders.
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MARC 2023 Touches on Order 2023, Interconnection Troubles
This year’s Mid-America Regulatory Conference took notice of FERC’s recent set of interconnection rule changes.
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NYISO ‘Still Digesting’ FERC Order 2023
NYISO gave initial comments and reactions to FERC Order 2023, but remained reluctant to divulge too much during its TPAS meeting.
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FERC Interconnection Rule Sets Penalties, Ends ‘Reasonable Efforts’ Standard

FERC’s revamp of its generator interconnection procedures will impose penalties on transmission providers that fail to complete studies on time.

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FERC Updates Interconnection Queue Process with Order 2023
FERC approved Order 2023 at its regular meeting, requiring changes to its pro forma interconnection queue that are aimed at clearing up the backlog of more than 2,000 GW of resources.
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NYISO Management Committee Briefs: June 13, 2023
NYISO stakeholders will vote July 26 on whether a new study should be conducted to evaluate the cost allocation between transmission withdrawals and injections.
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LBNL: Interconnection Queues Grew 40% in 2022
LBNL's annual report on interconnection queues showed continued growth in capacity waiting to connect to the grid, even as 2 markets restricted new applicants.
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FERC’s Work in 2022 Left in Doubt by Manchin
2022 was a busy year for FERC, with rulemaking proposals and technical conferences covering almost everything over which the commission has jurisdiction.
NYISO Investigating Tariff Changes to Improve Interconnection Processes
NYISO officials said Wednesday they will begin stakeholder discussions early next year on revising the interconnection process to make it more efficient.
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Transmission Conference Focuses on Reliability, Interconnection
Stakeholders and regulators concerned about extreme weather and clogged interconnection queues are also encouraged by FERC’s proposed rulemakings on the issues.

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