June 14, 2024

rooftop solar

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley Lab Reports Narrowing Income Gap on Residential Solar
The 2023 edition of a federal rooftop solar demographic report finds the median household income of people installing solar systems has decreased but is still well above Americans as a whole.
Solar Landscape
New Jersey Senators Back Grid Connection Fee Revision
A Senate committee endorsed a revision of how clean energy grid connections are funded and advanced bills to give tax credits to help install EV charging stations and retrofit warehouses for rooftop solar.
California Energy Commission
California PUC Partners with State Workforce Agency to Advance Green Jobs
The two agencies are working together to create clean energy jobs and build pathways into the middle class in disadvantaged communities.
US Small-scale Solar Grew by a Record 6.4 GW in 2022
Installed small-scale solar capacity increased by an estimated 6.4 GW in 2022 — a record amount, even amid supply chain constraints and rising costs. 
California PUC Adopts Contested Net Metering Plan
The California Public Utilities Commission adopted reforms to the state's rooftop solar net-metering program after months of controversy.
Next10/UC Berkeley
California Electric Rates Impede Clean Tech Adoption, Study Finds
A study co-authored by CAISO Governor Severin Borenstein found that big add-ons to electric bills discourage the adoption of electric vehicles and heat pumps.
Panelists Discuss Obstacles to Rooftop Solar Installation
Regulated electric utilities are an obstacle to the growth of home and community solar and will hinder decarbonization, said solar developer Distributed Sun.
California PUC Weighs Changes to Contentious Solar Plan
The California Public Utilities Commission put a controversial net-metering plan for rooftop solar on hold "until further notice" as it considers revisions.
California PUC Postpones Net Metering Plan
The California Public Utilities Commission won't take up a highly controversial rooftop solar plan on Jan. 27, as expected, after an outpouring of criticism.
California PUC Takes Heat on Rooftop Solar Plan
The CPUC heard hours of public testimony on its proposal to cut subsidies for rooftop solar as movie stars, a billionaire and an NBA legend weighed in.

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