June 24, 2024

Scott Pruitt

Lights Still on After Nearly 12 Months of Typhoon Trump
While the energy industry has experienced upheaval under Donald Trump in his first year as president, there’s evidence that it has ballast that can withstand it.
Pruitt Confirms EPA Working on CPP Replacement
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told the House Environment Subcommittee that the agency is working on a replacement to the Clean Power Plan.
No Unanimity in ‘Coal Country’ Hearing on CPP Repeal
Public hearings on the repeal of the EPA Clean Power Plan provided a stage for coal industry supporters to blast the Obama administration.
CPP Supporters Hope for Action by DC Circuit
Now that EPA has reversed its position on the Clean Power Plan, some supporters of the program say the D.C. Circuit should rule on the issue.
EPA to Announce Clean Power Plan Repeal
EPA will repeal the Clean Power Plan, saying the Obama administration’s switch to more natural gas and renewable generation exceeded the agency’s authority.
UPDATED: Longtime Foe Pruitt Meets the EPA
New EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt gave a brief speech introducing himself to the staff of an agency he sued multiple times as Oklahoma attorney general.
Pruitt Begins Hostile Takeover at EPA
Scott Pruitt was sworn in as EPA Administrator by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito after the Senate voted 52-46 to confirm him.
UPDATED: Trump Sends Conflicting Signals on Climate Change
President-elect Donald Trump is sending EPA watchers conflicting signals, interviewing vocal critics of climate change to head the agency, while also claiming an “open mind” on the issue.

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