May 21, 2024


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Seams Concerns Won’t Drive Day-ahead Market Decision, BPA Says
BPA’s choice of a day-ahead market will not be driven by concerns about the impact of the seams that would divide the two markets proposed for the West, an agency official made clear.
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Western Officials Get Rundown on ‘Irritating, Inefficient’ Market Seams
Utility staff charged with managing real-time operations will be equipped to deal with the seams between two Western day-ahead markets, but the situation will be far from ideal, Western state energy officials heard at the CREPC-WIRAB spring conference.
Western Power Trading Forum/Public Generating Pool
Western Market Seams Issues to Differ from East, Study Finds

The study finds dividing CAISO’s EDAM from SPP’s Markets+ would create seams that pose a different set of problems than challenges seen at the boundaries of full RTOs in other parts of the U.S.

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SPP Markets+ Participants Executive Committee Briefs: Jan. 23-24, 2024
Stakeholders have discussed the likelihood that there may be two day-ahead markets in the West, CAISO’s Extended Day-ahead Market and SPP’s Markets+ and/or RTO West.
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In Contest for the West, Markets+ Gathers Momentum — and Skeptics
While some stakeholders are ‘charmed’ by SPP’s market initiative effort, others urge need for deeper tie to CAISO.
MISO, SPP Staffs Take Crack at Rate Pancaking
SPP and MISO plan to draft a white paper on rate pancaking and unreserved use, two issues that bedevil utilities along the RTOs’ seam.
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SPP MOPC Briefs: Jan. 17-18, 2023
SPP and MISO plan to apply for grants from the Department of Energy to help fund five transmission projects recently identified in their JTIQ work.
SPP, MISO Propose Scrapping Affected System Studies
MISO and SPP announced that they plan to ditch their current affected systems study process for more interregional transmission studies like their JTIQ study.
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CGA Requests MISO Help for Late-stage Interconnection Projects
Clean Grid Alliance asked MISO to develop a means to see late-stage projects through its generator interconnection queue when they’re delayed.
SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Jan. 10-11, 2022
SPP stakeholders endorsed the RTO’s latest transmission planning assessment but also withheld approval of a 345-kV, double-circuit project in West Texas.

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