November 30, 2023

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

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Phillips Addresses ‘Acting’ Status as FERC Awaits Nominees

What’s in a name? That is the question for FERC Chair — or is it “acting” Chair? — Willie Phillips.

GOP Senators Call for FERC Conferences on EPA Power Plant Rule
Two key Republican senators asked FERC to hold formal technical conferences on EPA's Power Plant Rule, noting the regulator did so for Obama's Clean Power Plan.
U.S. Senate
Robb Warns of ‘Serious Disruptions’ from Grid Transition
Testifying before the Senate, NERC's CEO warned that increased reliance on weather-dependent renewables will likely lead to more frequent grid disruptions.
Senate ENR
Senate Energy Comm. Ponders Change in Cybersecurity Authorities
Senators discussed new bills that would give FERC authority over gas pipeline cybersecurity and change how DOE handles cyber threats.
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Manchin Presses Permitting Proposal Excluded from Defense Bill
Sen. Joe Manchin is pressing on with his controversial permitting proposal after it was excluded from a must-pass defense authorization bill.
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Glick’s FERC Tenure in Peril as Manchin Balks at Renomination Hearing
Sen. Joe Manchin said he won’t call a hearing on President Biden’s nomination of Richard Glick to remain as FERC chair, dimming his chance of returning.
Senate ENR Committee
Senate Committee Holds First Hearing on Hydrogen Pipeline
Fears that FERC’s pipeline regulations will stymie development of a national hydrogen pipeline system pervaded a Senate Energy and Natural Resources hearing.
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Glick: No Regrets over Gas Policy Statements
FERC Chair Richard Glick defended the natural gas policy statements a split commission issued last month, rejecting criticism that it overstepped its authority.
Senate ENR Committee
Senate Energy Committee Advances Phillips
A Senate panel unanimously advanced D.C. Public Service Commission Chair Willie Phillips’ nomination to FERC to the Senate floor.
Senate ENR Committee
Phillips, FERC Get Little Attention at Confirmation Hearing
It was a dull Tuesday for FERC watchers, as President Biden’s nominee to the commission, Willie Phillips, faced few questions at his confirmation hearing.

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