December 3, 2023

SERC Board of Directors

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SERC to be ‘Well Represented’ in ITCS Group
Presenters at SERC's Board of Directors meeting said the region will have a lot of input into the ERO's Interregional Transfer Capability Study.
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SERC Board of Directors/Members Briefs: March 29, 2023
Representatives of SERC Reliability’s member entities joined the regional entity’s Board of Directors here for its first meeting of the year on Wednesday.
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SERC Board of Directors Briefs: Dec. 14, 2022
The board meeting at times resembled an impromptu farewell party, as attendees took time from their presentations to say goodbye to departing chair Todd Hillman
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SERC Board of Directors Briefs: Sept. 22, 2022
SERC CEO Jason Blake reminded attendees “to celebrate our successes” in maintaining grid reliability this summer at the Board of Directors meeting.

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