June 20, 2024

shale gas

Energy-short Europe Importing More US Shale Gas
Europe is in a historic energy crisis, which will likely negatively impact the U.S. as shale gas exports increase, warned energy entrepreneur Thierry Lepercq.
Ohio Clean Hydrogen Hub Alliance
Battelle: Multi-state Hydrogen Hubs Will Be Favored by DOE
In the race for $2 billion hydrogen hub funding, the U.S. Department of Energy will insist on $2 billion in matching funds.
Cleveland State University
Ohio Hydrogen Study: Blue Now, Green in 2050
A recent study concluded that diverting 15% of Ohio’s current Utica shale gas production to create hydrogen would be sufficient to satisfy existing demand.
Shale Gas Could Decarbonize Ohio River Industrial Valley Industry
Shale gas, the bane of environmentalists, is a key component of the Biden administration plans to decarbonize heavy industry.
FERC Orders Investigation of Logging on Pipeline Route
FERC directed staff to begin an investigation of alleged illegal tree-cutting along the New York section of the Constitution Pipeline route.
SPP Forecast Report Focuses on ‘Big Events’
Boston Pacific's sixth annual report for SPP focuses on “broad market and regulatory events” that could significantly impact its markets.
Kinder Morgan Trims Northeast Energy Direct
Kinder Morgan has scaled back a natural gas pipeline proposed for New England, but the changes will have little effect on the overall project.
RTO Officials Confess to Surprises
The final session of the Mid-America Regulatory Conference brought together top RTO officials to discuss balancing short-term expectations with long-term planning.
Organic Farmer Turned Fracking Protester: ‘I Never Figured to be Engaged in Protest Activities’
Maggie Henry, an elderly organic farmer from Western Pennsylvania, has joined in protesting FERC's approval of natural gas projects and fracking.
FERC: 2014 a Record-Breaking Year for Natural Gas
Natural gas demand and production both set records in 2014, while gas trading declined for the fourth straight year, FERC reported last week.

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