June 17, 2024

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

Bill Gates’ TerraPower Breaks Ground on Advanced Nuclear Plant
TerraPower broke ground on its Natrium reactor demonstration project in Wyoming, making it the first advanced reactor to enter construction.
Georgia Power
NIA: Cost, Risk Sharing Needed to Grow Advanced Nuclear Pipeline
The first new reactors built in the U.S. since 2016, Vogtle’s two units have come online seven years late and $17 billion over budget, leaving subsequent projects surrounded by perceptions of risk.
EPRI: Clean Energy, Efficiency Can Meet AI, Data Center Power Demand
The burgeoning power demand from data centers and artificial intelligence can be met by other means than new natural gas-fired power plants, according to a new report from the Electric Power Research Institute.
Elena Dider, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Report: Small Nuclear Reactors not the Answer
A new report warns that small modular nuclear reactors are not the energy panacea that their proponents have described.
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Overheard at CERAWeek 2024
CERAWeek 2024 by S&P Global was supposed to explore “strategies for a multidimensional, multispeed and multifuel energy transition.” Instead, the buzz was all about data centers and artificial intelligence.
FERC, NRC Examine State of the Nuclear Industry
FERC and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission convened a joint meeting to looking into issues of common interest, including the rollout of advanced reactors and grid reliability.
NuScale Power Corporation
NuScale Refocusing from R&D to Commercialization
NuScale Power is changing its focus from research and development to commercialization, with a resulting 28% reduction in its full-time workforce.
Rhodium Group
Industry Considers Building its Own Generation to Decarbonize
Industrial decarbonization is lagging the effort in the power sector and transportation, and many companies are considering directly linking big industrial demand with clean energy.
Senate ENR Committee
Senate Energy Committee Examines State of Advanced Nuclear Reactors
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday looked into the state of advanced nuclear reactors just weeks after NuScale Power and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems terminated a once promising pilot project.
NuScale Power Corporation
Pioneering NuScale Small Modular Reactor Project Canceled
NuScale Power Corp. and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems said Nov. 8 they had agreed to terminate the Carbon Free Power Project.

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