December 7, 2023

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

Rhodium Group
Industry Considers Building its Own Generation to Decarbonize
Industrial decarbonization is lagging the effort in the power sector and transportation, and many companies are considering directly linking big industrial demand with clean energy.
Senate ENR Committee
Senate Energy Committee Examines State of Advanced Nuclear Reactors
The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday looked into the state of advanced nuclear reactors just weeks after NuScale Power and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems terminated a once promising pilot project.
Idaho National Laboratory
NRC Eases Emergency Preparedness Rules for SMRs
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has finalized emergency preparedness rules for small modular reactors.
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Summit Showcases New Technologies to Accelerate Industrial Decarb
New technologies upend conventional wisdom that heavy industry — cement, steel, petrochemicals — will be hard to abate or require carbon capture. But how fast can they scale?
Energy Northwest
X-energy, Energy Northwest to Develop up to 12 SMR Nukes
The challenge ahead for X-energy: early planning for design, procurement and construction to deliver the first Xe-100s on time and on budget.
GE Hitachi
Nuclear Innovation Alliance: DOE Must Reorganize to Promote SMRs
Small modular reactors are the future of nuclear energy, but they will not be rapidly deployed without a federal push, according to a new report.
Ohio Lawmakers Envision a State Nuclear Development Authority
Ohio lawmakers appear to be on track to create an authority that would promote the state as a center for new nuclear research and development.

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