April 17, 2024

Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)

Report: Many US Utilities not Delivering on Energy Efficiency
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's 2023 scorecard for utilities revealed that many utilities are not prioritizing energy efficiency as they focus on decarbonization and resiliency.
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Will Income-tiered Fixed Costs Help California Decarbonize?
Panelists at the RE+ Northern California conference discussed utility rate design to lessen the impact of decarbonization and wildfire mitigation on ratepayers.
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
SEPA Lauds Utilities in 2023 Transformation Leaderboard
SEPA released its latest assessment gauging utilities’ progress and identifying actions to accelerate the industry’s transition to a carbon-free energy system.
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Solar Advocates Cheer Florida Net Metering Win, Brace for Next Battle
Solar advocates celebrated the defeat of a Florida bill that would have phased out the state’s net metering program but warned the battle is far from over.
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Home Solar: ‘Gateway Drug’ to Grid Technologies?
Rooftop solar is a good start, but it will take careful design of utility rates to ensure electrification comes with carbon reductions, industry officials say.
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Energy Storage ‘Just Scratching the Surface’ Despite Supply Challenges
Despite current supply chain problems, energy storage is just beginning to capture its potential, developers told the RE+ Southeast conference.
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Southern Co. Takes Heat over SEEM, Opposition to RTO
A Southern Co. official gamely defended the Southeast Energy Exchange Market in a debate at the RE+ Southeast conference with three RTO proponents.
Overheard at USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum
The U.S. has a diverse range of energy resources, and all are critical to the nation’s clean energy future, said industry reps speaking at a USEA conference.
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Panelists Warn More Work Needed on Grid Cybersecurity
Panelists at the Smart Electric Power Alliance's conference in Atlanta warned that taking cybersecurity seriously will need a lot more investment.
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Panelists: SEEM Can’t Be Southeast’s End Goal
Panelists at the Smart Electric Power Alliance's conference shared their concerns about the proposed Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM).

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