December 11, 2023

social cost of carbon (SCC)

Federal Budgets, Procurements to Include Social Cost of GHGs

President Joe Biden has directed all federal agencies to incorporate the social cost of greenhouse gases into a range of key processes.

Resources for the Future
Economists Hope Improved Data Will Strengthen Climate Policy
More granular data and improved computing power are allowing economists to refine their climate change predictions — and, they hope, influence policy.
Energy Costs Could Impede Electrification in California, New York
A study has found that high electricity prices in California, New York and New England could undermine efforts to electrify transportation and homes.
Vt. Climate Council Searches for Equitable Social Cost of Carbon
The Vermont Climate Council heard recommendations for following New York’s model on establishing a social cost of carbon for climate action plan analyses.
Canaport LNG
DC Circuit Sends LNG Approvals Back to FERC
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals found fault with reviews by FERC on climate and environmental justice issues for planned LNG projects in Texas.
NY Officials Told to Stay the Course on CDG Solar
Clean energy advocates and solar developers told New York officials to tweak the VDER tariff, not make new processes to sustain PV growth.
NY Works to Sustain Community Solar Growth
New York agencies hosted a technical conference on ways to advance commercial, industrial, and community solar development.
Economists United on Need for Immediate Action on Climate
Three-quarters of economists who study climate issues say “immediate and drastic action” is needed to address climate change, according to a new survey.
‘Future Grid’ Session Highlights Tx Study, Net Carbon Pricing
The NEPOOL Participants Committee’s first working session on the “Pathways to the Future Grid” effort featured ISO-NE’s proposed work on market frameworks.
Report Outlines NEPOOL ‘Pathways’ to a Future Grid
A new report explores ways for New England to overcome the growing conflicts between states’ clean energy goals and ISO-NE's wholesale markets.

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