November 28, 2023

solar eclipse

Eclipse Barely Dims CAISO Operations
CAISO maintained normal grid operations during the Oct. 14 solar eclipse, with swings in solar production that were more muted than models based on clear-sky conditions.
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ERCOT Smoothly Handles Annular Solar Eclipse
ERCOT said it did not experience grid reliability issues with the loss of solar generation during Saturday’s annular solar eclipse, in what some saw as a performance check before next year’s total eclipse.
ERCOT Prepared for Eclipse, Loss of Solar
ERCOT expects normal grid conditions during Saturday’s solar eclipse when solar resources will see their output reduced.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Sept. 14, 2023
NYISO secured Business Issues Committee approval of the ISO’s proposal to create separate capacity demand curves for summer and winter beginning with the 2025/2026 capability year.
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NY State Reliability Council Executive Committee Briefs: Sept. 8, 2023
NYSRC's Executive Committee approved the preliminary base case for the upcoming capability year and new emergency operating procedures aimed at enhancing grid reliability.
CAISO Sheds Light on October Solar Eclipse Preparations
Sharp growth in California solar resources means the Oct. 14 annular eclipse should have even greater impact than 2017's total eclipses.

MISO, IMM Report Efficient Summer Months
MISO’s staff and Independent Market Monitor convened to commend RTO operations personnel for a successful season.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs – August 30, 2017
NYISO locational-based marginal prices (LBMPs) have averaged $36.35/MWh for the year through July, a 12% increase from a year earlier.
PJM Markets and Reliability Committee Briefs: Aug. 24, 2017
PJM and its Independent Market Monitor remain at odds over whether price-based offer updates should be connected to cost-based offers.
MISO Revisits Eclipse Ops, Prepares for 2024
MISO will study eclipse impacts over the next few weeks and request data from CAISO in preparation for the next eclipse in 2024.

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