May 21, 2024

solution-based distribution factor (DFAX)

Power Engineers
DC Circuit Faults FERC on Cost Allocation of New Jersey Transmission Projects
The D.C. Circuit rejected PJM’s “de minimis” exemption under its DFAX cost allocation and ordered FERC to explain its OK of DFAX's use in two N.J. projects.
Artificial Island Cost Dispute is Over — Almost
FERC ended its refereeing in a battle over cost allocation of the $266.5M Artificial Island stability project, PJM’s first Order 1000 transmission project.
FERC Rebuffs Challenges to PJM Tx Cost Allocation
In a trio of orders, FERC again rejected challenges to PJM’s transmission cost allocation methods in a long-running dispute in New Jersey.
FERC: Stability Deviation Method Best for Artificial Island
PJM’s stability deviation method best suits cost allocation for Artificial Island, FERC said, denying rehearing requests favoring the status quo.
DC Circuit Rejects PJM Tx Cost Allocation Rule
PJM and FERC must reconsider how they allocate the costs of high-voltage transmission projects developed to satisfy individual utilities’ planning criteria.
BHI Energy
FERC Rethinking DFAX for Stability Tx Projects
FERC reopened proceedings regarding PJM’s controversial Bergen-Linden Corridor and Artificial Island projects in New Jersey.
PJM Market Implementation Committee Briefs: June 6, 2018
PJM staff outlined their proposal for registering aggregations of seasonal Demand Response (DR) resources that can’t comply with the year-round requirements of Capacity Performance.
FERC OKs Bergen-Linden Cost Allocation; Challenge Possible
FERC approved the cost allocation for projects involved with northern New Jersey’s Bergen-Linden Corridor.
FERC OKs Cost Allocation of PJM Transmission Projects
FERC approved cost allocation responsibility assignments for 39 baseline upgrades recently added to the PJM Regional Transmission Expansion Plan.
Rejecting PJM ‘Wheel’-related Requests, FERC Sets Inquiry
FERC rejected a request by PJM to allow Linden VFT to convert the 330 MW of firm transmission on its lines between PJM and NYISO to non-firm.

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