June 25, 2024

Southern Renewable Energy Association (SREA)

MTEP 24 up to $5.8B; Clean Energy Group Asks for Alternative to Pricey Entergy Reliability Project
MISO’s 2024 Transmission Expansion Plan increased slightly in cost to $5.8 billion while the Southern Renewable Energy Association requested MISO explore an alternative to an Entergy Texas reliability project.
Entergy Texas and Google
FERC Rejects Last-ditch Effort to Save Tx Project
MISO can officially abandon the only competitive transmission project it has ever assigned to its South region, FERC ruled last week.
NextEra, SREA Protest Canceled MISO Project at FERC
NextEra Energy Transmission and the Southern Renewable Energy Association are asking FERC to intervene in a last-ditch effect to save the only competitive transmission project ever approved for MISO South.
Duke Energy
Industry Group Blames Duke, TVA for Blackouts
SREA said Duke Carolinas' and TVA's holiday blackouts were likely avoidable had they built robust transmission links and had better access to organized markets.
Entergy Rebuts Criticism of its Tx Planning
Entergy countered claims recently made to FERC that it is purposefully undermining transmission planning in MISO South.
SREA Criticizes Lack of MISO South Planning in FERC Tx Proceeding
SREA said while MISO may have a robust transmission planning process, FERC should know that the RTO’s South region does not share in it.
Entergy Mississippi
Mississippi PSC Audit Questions MISO Membership
The Mississippi Public Service Commission is using an audit of MISO membership to question whether Entergy Mississippi should remain among the RTO’s membership, attracting blunt criticism from several renewable energy organizations.

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