April 16, 2024


SPP Board of Directors/Members Committee Briefs: Feb. 5-6, 2024
SPP senior management rolled out its top 2024 corporate goals for its Board of Directors and stakeholders, cautioning they don’t reflect all the important work the grid operator will take on this year.
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Stakeholders Approve Bulk of SPP’s Markets+ Tariff
SPP's western stakeholders have endorsed large chunks of tariff language that define how the day-ahead Markets+ will handle market transmission use, congestion management, transmission capacity obligations, market manipulation, and confidentiality.
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SPP Membership Elects Solomon, Dimitry to Board
SPP’s membership has elected Stuart Solomon and Irene Dimitry to three-year terms on its independent Board of Directors.
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SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Oct. 16-17, 2023
SPP stakeholders approved two revision requests that set resource adequacy policies, but not before rejecting a compromise position offered by two stakeholder groups.
WAPA, Basin Electric Commit to SPP’s RTO West
SPP says two announcements by the Western Area Power Administration and Basin Electric Power have rounded out the group of seven western utilities that plan to pursue membership in its Western Interconnection RTO market.

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