July 23, 2024

Steve Huntoon

James Bushnell; Data from EIA
Counterflow: Competition Versus Monopoly
Columnist Steve Huntoon reiterates his take on a longtime debate in energy: The benefits of competition vs. monopolization.
The Economist
Counterflow: How Many Deaths?
It’s high time we consider how many deaths would result from higher residential energy prices due to the energy transition, says columnist Steve Huntoon.
Delmarva Power & Light Co.
Counterflow: Vampire Power
Big savings from unplugging vampire power are as much a fantasy as, well, vampires, says columnist Steve Huntoon.
International Energy Agency
Counterflow: 45Q: Money for Nothing
Columnist Steve Huntoon says the 45Q carbon capture tax breaks in Democrats' climate bill are an enormous subsidy that won't help decarbonization.
Counterflow: The New Technoking and His Bitcoin Crown
Steve Huntoon says Bitcoin is consuming a disproportionately large amount of electricity, consumption that will only grow as the currency's value increases.
Counterflow: The Mess in Texas
Columnist Steve Huntoon explains his thoughts on what is and what is not to blame for the rolling blackouts in ERCOT last week.
Counterflow: Thank Our Heroes and Save Our Customers
Columnist Steve Huntoon has a brief but important message: thank your utility workers and protect your customers by wearing a mask.
Counterflow: RMI and Pixie Dust, Round 4
Columnist Steve Huntoon responds to Rocky Mountain Institute's rebuttal of his criticism of its study, based on Energy Information Administration data.
Counterflow: Cue More Pixie Dust
Columnist Steve Huntoon criticizes the Rocky Mountain Institute’s claim that the bulk of new natural gas generation will become uneconomic.
Counterflow: Cue the Pixie Dust
Columnist Steve Huntoon argues that energy storage resources should not get preferential treatment in PJM's Capacity Performance market construct.

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