June 15, 2024


Counterflow: Long-duration Energy Storage: Reality Check
Carbon-free electricity proponents envision a massive portfolio of wind and solar generation supported by some type of storage. In theory this can work, but the reality is that long-term battery storage isn't practical.
Idaho National Laboratory
Stakeholder Soapbox: It’s Time for New Wires on America’s Grid
Eric Gimon of Energy Innovation urges federal and state regulators not to overlook advanced reconductoring as a less expensive way to increase transmission capacity.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Stakeholder Soapbox: The Greatest Machine Needs a Tune-up
The U.S. power grid is no longer operating efficiently, and these inefficiencies are costing American consumers and threatening reliability, Clean Energy Venture Group's Nora Mead Brownell writes.  
Stakeholder Soapbox — There and Back Again: D.C. Circuit Again Considers NYISO’s Approach to Zero-Emission Mandate
Dozens of states have adopted emission-reduction targets aimed at fighting climate change. But how should RTOs account for those initiatives when their effects are delayed, uncertain, expensive for consumers or all of the above? 
Counterflow: Hair (and Pants) on Fire

The Washington Post’s warning that “America is running out of power” lacks context and distracts us from the real work at hand, says columnist Steve Huntoon.

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Stakeholder Soapbox: PJM Moves to Wipe Out Energy Efficiency When It’s Needed Most
Rather than identifying ways to promote further energy efficiency in its footprint, the nation’s largest grid operator — PJM — inexplicably is taking the opposite approach, American Efficient CEO Bo Clayton writes.
Our World in Data (CC-BY-SA)
Counterflow: Holiday Happy Talk
Feeling in the holiday mood, columnist Steve Huntoon points to data that show some things are getting better in the world.
Muhammad Aziz, Takuya Oda, Takao Kashiwagi
Counterflow: Hydrogen Reality

Green hydrogen electricity is a waste of money and time, says columnist Steve Huntoon.

Gov. Grisham
Stakeholder Soapbox: Let the Market Determine the Fate of EVs
Economist Ken Costello says EVs are better off without mandates or subsidies — so that they are forced to compete with gas-powered vehicles on their own.
Counterflow: More Stuff That Ain’t So
Columnist Steve Huntoon says a recent Moody’s report uses misleading data to make its case for investing in transmission to solve reliability problems.

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