November 30, 2023


Muhammad Aziz, Takuya Oda, Takao Kashiwagi
Counterflow: Hydrogen Reality

Green hydrogen electricity is a waste of money and time, says columnist Steve Huntoon.

Gov. Grisham
Stakeholder Soapbox: Let the Market Determine the Fate of EVs
Economist Ken Costello says EVs are better off without mandates or subsidies — so that they are forced to compete with gas-powered vehicles on their own.
Counterflow: More Stuff That Ain’t So
Columnist Steve Huntoon says a recent Moody’s report uses misleading data to make its case for investing in transmission to solve reliability problems.
Stakeholder Soapbox: Beware of Government-driven Climate Policy
Can climate policy dominated by interest-group politics be in the public good?  What we have seen up to now says no, says regulatory economist Kenneth Costello.  
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Stakeholder Soapbox: The Cost of Inaction — An Outdated Grid, Overpriced Power
Former Maryland Public Service Commission Chairman Jason Stanek lays out the ways in which a lack of regulation and repair have led to a fragile, financially wasteful energy grid.
Our World in Data
Counterflow: World of Hurt
Columnist Steve Huntoon examines the unintended consequence of reducing aerosol pollution: the acceleration of climate change.
James Bushnell; Data from EIA
Counterflow: Competition Versus Monopoly
Columnist Steve Huntoon reiterates his take on a longtime debate in energy: The benefits of competition vs. monopolization.
The Economist
Counterflow: How Many Deaths?
It’s high time we consider how many deaths would result from higher residential energy prices due to the energy transition, says columnist Steve Huntoon.
Counterflow: Single Clearing Price
Columnist Steve Huntoon says FERC Commissioner Mark Christie's attack on single clearing price markets is ill informed.
Stakeholder Soapbox: Technology, not Subsidies, is the Key to Electrification
Markets, not subsidies, should dictate the pace and path of electrification, says regulatory economist Kenneth W. Costello.

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