April 21, 2024

Storage As Transmission-Only Asset (SATOA)

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Form Energy Wants to Bring Long-duration Storage to New England
Form Energy hopes to use its long-duration iron-air batteries to firm up renewable energy generation across extended stretches in New England.
FERC Accepts ISO-NE Filing to Allow Storage as a Tx-Only Asset
ISO-NE can consider transmission-only battery storage as an option to address transmission system issues, FERC ruled.
NYISO Investigating Storage as Transmission
NYISO has begun the process of studying how energy storage resources can be considered as traditional transmission assets.
Enel Green Energy
FERC Accepts SPP’s Planning Study Processes for TOs
FERC has approved SPP’s tariff revisions to its transmission planning process that establish new study processes for transmission-owning members.
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NYISO Outlines Timelines for 2023 Projects
NYISO presented its anticipated schedules for its Installed Capacity market, energy market and new resource integration projects for this year.
Study Makes Case for Storage as Transmission Asset in NY
The energy storage units planned in great number in New York can also serve the state’s grid as transmission assets, a new study finds.
Mystic Cost Worries Highlight NEPOOL PC Meeting
A group of New England suppliers is raising worries about the costs of the cost-of-service agreement between ISO-NE and the Mystic Generating Station.
NRDC: Early Worries About ISO-NE’s Capacity Accreditation Approach
NRDC argued that ISO-NE’s preferred method of measuring marginal reliability impact risks under-valuing some components of clean energy resources.
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SPP Strategic Planning Committee Briefs: July 13, 2022
A task force of SPP stakeholders and staff addressing crypto miners and similar loads say the additional load could aggravate resource adequacy concerns.
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GETs: Long-term Solution or Niche Player?
Transmission planners see an increasing role for grid-enhancing technologies but disagree over whether they will be transformative or limited.

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