April 21, 2024

Sunflower Electric Power Corp.

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SPP ‘All Over’ Addressing Resource Adequacy
The Resource and Energy Adequacy Leadership (REAL) Team, a cross-section group of regulators, directors and stakeholders, is the answer to SPP's No. 1 strategic priority: resource adequacy.
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SERC Board of Directors Briefs: Dec. 14, 2022
The board meeting at times resembled an impromptu farewell party, as attendees took time from their presentations to say goodbye to departing chair Todd Hillman
Sunflower’s New CEO Hillman Looks Back on MISO Tenure
Todd Hillman, MISO’s senior vice president, will end his tenure at MISO in the new year to become CEO of Sunflower Electric Power Corp.
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FERC Approves SPP Cost-allocation Waiver Plan
FERC accepted an SPP tariff request to establish an alternative process allowing entities to apply for waivers to the transmission cost-allocation process.
SPP Members Delay Decision on 2021 Tx Assessment
SPP stakeholders delayed a decision over the weighting of futures and the use of economic must-run modeling in the 2021 transmission planning assessment.
SPP Briefs: Week of Dec. 9, 2019
SPP's Monitor released a paper detailing a study of generator self-commitments in the market, yielding evidence they exert downward pressure on prices.
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FERC Rejects Rehearing on SPP Cost Allocation Reviews
FERC denied a challenge to its 2017 order allowing SPP to change its regional cost allocation review.
SPP to Modify Service Agreements with KMEA, Sunflower
FERC accepted network transmission service agreements between SPP and Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA) and Sunflower Electric Power.
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FERC Approves 6-Year Cycle for SPP RCAR Review
FERC has approved SPP’s request to change the frequency of its regional cost allocation review (RCAR) from every three years to every six.
SPP Cancels First Competitive Tx Project, Citing Falling Demand Projections
The 1st competitive SPP project under FERC Order 1000, approved by the BOD with some fanfare in April, is being cancelled due to falling demand projections. 

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