April 15, 2024

supplemental resource evaluation (SRE)

NYISO Manual Changes for New SRE Penalty OK’d
NYISO approved manual changes to accommodate a new penalty scheme to improve the ISO’s ability to call on external capacity resources.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: June 20, 2019
NYISO stakeholders were divided on whether New York's ambitious climate bill necessitates increased skepticism on carbon pricing or urgency on the effort.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: May 20, 2019
NYISO’s Management Committee recommended the Board of Directors approve a Comprehensive Reliability Plan that pointed to potential risks that could develop.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: April 24, 2019
NYISO’s Management Committee approved Tariff revisions creating a path for aggregated distributed energy resources to participate in the wholesale market.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: April 17, 2019
NYISO’s Business Issues Committee recommended the Management Committee approve Tariff revisions on a new market design for distributed energy resources.
Con Edison
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Nov. 14, 2018
NYISO is considering penalizing external resources that fail to perform when dispatched following a supplemental resource evaluation.

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