July 15, 2024

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Senate Confirms Chang as Clements’ Replacement on FERC
The Senate confirmed Judy Chang to a five-year term at FERC, meaning the commission will be at a full complement of five members even after Commissioner Allison Clements leaves at the end of June.
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MISO, SPP to Conduct Interregional Study in 2024
MISO and SPP agreed to conduct another coordinated system plan study along their seam this year, although five previous studies have failed to produce a single interregional joint project.
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MISO Set on March Accreditation Filing, Stakeholders Push for Slowdown
MISO said it has landed on a final design in its quest to move to a sweeping capacity accreditation that will better measure generators’ availability based on predetermined risky hours.
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Minimum Transfer Capability Between Regions Debated at FERC
Parties filing comments with FERC on expanding interregional transfer capability mostly supported the concept, though opinions were split on how to get there.
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Westerners Get Tips on Being ‘Little Bitty Cog’ in an RTO World
Western regulators and consumer advocates should be prepared to commit much time and resources to RTO membership, panel members said at NARUC's summer meeting.
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Ex-FERC Commissioners Opine on Transmission, Markets
Ex-FERC Commissioners Norman Bay and Colette Honorable told war stories and commented on recent commission rulemakings at a forum on energy storage policy.
EPA Plan Response: Coal Howls, Wind and Solar Crow
EPA's final Clean Power Plan provoked outrage from coal interests, praise from environmentalists and cautious optimism from regulators and grid operators.
Brattle: Missing Energy Efficiency Costing PJM Load $433M Annually
PJM electric consumers are spending $433 million a year in excess capacity because the RTO’s load forecasts fail to fully capture energy efficiency, according to a report by The Brattle Group.
Consumer Advocates to PJM: No More Changes, Please
Consumer advocates asked the PJM Board of Managers to assess the impact of recent capacity market changes before making any new ones and criticized what they called the RTO’s new “inflexibility.”

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