June 23, 2024

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

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FERC OKs Duke Energy Rate Changes to Reflect Tax Cuts
FERC approved Duke Energy’s rate settlement with two co-ops to reflect lower corporate taxes enacted during the Trump administration.
FERC Directs More Clarity in Order 864 Filings
FERC partly rejected Order 864 compliance filings by NorthWestern, Duke Energy and PacifiCorp regarding changes caused by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: April 21, 2021
Stakeholders endorsed PJM’s proposed solution to update the value of capital recovery factors at last week’s MRC meeting.
PJM MRC/MC Briefs: Jan. 27, 2021
PJM stakeholders at the MRC rejected two proposals aimed at addressing a dispute over black start units' capital recovery factor.
Gen Owners Balk at Change to PJM Black Start Rates
Stakeholders challenged PJM and its Monitor over updates to the RTO’s black start capital recovery factor table.
FERC Denies KEPCo Complaint Against Westar Energy
FERC denied KEPCo’s complaint that Westar Energy had twice violated its generation formula rate in assessing its own rates and federal income tax reduction.
FERC Backs Cleco on Tax Rate Calculations
FERC dismissed a Louisiana city’s complaint that Cleco Power collected excess revenue because its rates did not immediately reflect the 2018 tax cut.
CORRECTED: FERC Acts on Transcos’ Revised Tax Calculations
FERC acted on tariff filings by more than a dozen transmission owners to correct how they calculate accumulated deferred income tax balances.
The White House
FERC Acts on Tax Cuts
Transmission owners will be required to reduce their rates to reflect reduced corporate income taxes under a proposal issued by FERC.
National Fuel Gas
FERC Orders Pipelines to Pass Through Tax Savings
FERC issued a final rule requiring natural gas pipelines to reflect the federal corporate income tax cut in their rates.

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