July 16, 2024


FERC Must Apply Mobile-Sierra to Western Soft Cap Refunds, Court Finds
The D.C. Circuit directed FERC to review a series of 2022 orders requiring wholesale electricity sellers in the West to refund a portion of the high prices they earned during an August 2020 heat wave.
Mortensen Wind Energy Group
FERC Denies Rehearing of Tenaska Curtailment Complaint
FERC denied Tenaska’s rehearing request over alleged curtailment of its Clear Creek Wind Farm, maintaining the company did not provide sufficient evidence.
Mortensen Wind Energy Group
FERC Denies Tenaska’s Complaints over Wind Curtailments
FERC has denied a Tenaska complaint alleging that grid operators adopted operating guides, resulting in unduly discriminatory curtailment for its wind farm.
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PJM Challenged on Interconnection Rule Transition
Stakeholders welcomed proposed changes to PJM’s interconnection procedures as long overdue but challenged the RTO’s timeline and transition plans.
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Overheard at EPSA Competitive Power Summit 2022
Competitive generators and others discussed market changes at the Electric Power Supply Association Competitive Power Summit at the National Press Club.
Tenaska Challenges SPP Tx Upgrade Costs
Tenaska filed a complaint over SPP’s network upgrade costs, challenging an unexpected $66 million increase added to its Clear Creek wind farm in Missouri.
FERC Rejects Tenaska Complaint on Synch Reserves; Upholds $1.9 Million Refund
FERC rejected a complaint by Tenaska that PJM inappropriately disqualified the company's combustion turbines as Tier 1 synchronized reserves.

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