April 21, 2024

transmission congestion rights (TCR)

SPP Continues its Counterflow Optimization Work
SPP is taking another crack at adding counterflow optimization to the congestion-hedging process following a late-August workshop.
FERC Proposes Allowing RTOs to Share Credit-related Info
FERC proposed allowing RTOs to share credit information about market participants, fulfilling a request the grid operators made at a 2021 technical conference.
MMU Releases Fall Market Reports for SPP, WEIS
SPP’s MMU is “strongly” recommending that TCRs' funding shortfall be considered a high-priority item, according to its latest quarterly market reports.
FERC OKs Ownership Change in IIF Subs
FERC authorized the installation of a new general partner and transfer of ownership interests in the IFF that acquired EPE earlier this year.
Tri-State G&T
SPP FERC Order Briefs
FERC ruled that Tri-State G&T has only partially complied with Orders 845 and approved Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s revised market-based rate tariff.
Mixed FERC Rulings for SPP Compliance Filings
FERC approved SPP’s affected-system order compliance filing and the RTO's proposal to revise its fast-start pricing practices.
SPP SPC Takes on Congestion Hedging Issues
The SPP Strategic Planning Committee will see if it can come up with a solution on how to modify the RTO’s congestion-hedging practices.
SPP MOPC Briefs: July 15-16, 2020
SPP stakeholders once again took a crack to resolve a weighty issue in determining how futures will be considered in the RTO’s 2021 transmission plan study.
SPP Board/Members Committee Briefs: April 28, 2020
SPP’s Board of Directors approved the first two revision requests stemming from the Holistic Integrated Tariff Team’s work.
SPP Strategic Planning Committee Briefs: April 15, 2020
SPP Board Chair Larry Altenbaumer asked the Strategic Planning Committee for an education session on congestion hedging following stakeholder disagreement.

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