December 9, 2023

transmission congestion

National Grid Renewables
Renewable Developers Challenge MISO’s Lower Congestion Limit
A group of renewable developers lodged a complaint at FERC over MISO’s pursuit of a smaller system impact threshold on interconnecting generation.
DC Circuit Sides with FERC on Alleviating Spiking Prices in Virginia
The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit sided with FERC, upholding its decision to suspend PJM's transmission penalty factor when it was driving up prices in Virginia.
Berkeley Lab
Do Batteries or Transmission Produce Greater Benefits?
A new Berkeley Lab report weighs the benefits of storage versus transmission for wind and solar projects.
Grid Strategies
Grid Strategies Reports Spiking Congestion Costs
The cost of transmission congestion doubled in organized electricity markets between 2020 and 2021, rising by billions of dollars, according to Grid Strategies.
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Decarbonizing New York: Chicken and Egg Proposition
New York’s conundrum is how to ensure grid reliability and resilience as it calls for fossil fuel resources to be replaced by intermittent resources.
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FERC Approves PJM Proposal to Reduce Congestion Penalty During Grid Upgrades
FERC approved a PJM proposal to allow it to reduce the TCPF under a set of circumstances that PJM argued becomes punitive to load without providing any benefit.
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MISO, SPP Identify Hotspots for Smaller Interregional Tx Projects
MISO and SPP say they have plenty of constrained flowgates that could become candidates for smaller, cross-border transmission projects.
MISO-SPP Joint Study to Focus on M2M Congestion
MISO and SPP say this year’s coordinated system plan study will focus on “solutions to historical, persistent congestion issues” on the RTOs’ seam.
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SPP Board of Directors/Markets Committee Briefs: April 26, 2022
SPP’s Board of Directors approved the RTO’s fourth competitive transmission project, awarding a $55 million, 345-kV facility to NextEra Energy Transmission.
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MISO Considers Adding Smaller Congestion Relief Projects
MISO announced this week that it’s contemplating adding a class of smaller, congestion-relieving projects under its annual transmission planning.

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