December 3, 2023

transmission constraints

WECC Says Summer Looks Better with Caveats
The Western summer reliability outlook is better than in recent years, but shortfalls could arise because of supply chain problems or scarce imports, WECC says.
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MISO Officials Explain 2022/23 Capacity Auction Mechanics
MISO officials answered questions about the capacity shortfalls and expensive prices in the 2022/23 auction while stakeholders asked for more supply data.
CAISO Reports High Energy Prices in Q4
A CAISO market report says high natural gas prices drove a 50% run-up in electricity costs in Q4 2021, hitting the Western Energy Imbalance Market as well.
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CAISO Extends Wheel-through Rules
CAISO's Board of Governors extended controversial wheel-through restrictions for two more years as the ISO works on a long-term fix to transmission constraints.
West Cannot Rely on Imports, WECC Says
The West's reliance on imports could prove problematic during summer heat waves or when hydroelectric generation dries up because of drought, WECC said.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Oct. 13, 2021
The NYISO Business Issues Committee Ok'd tariff revisions related to implementing a revised approach to the current transmission constraint pricing logic.
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PJM, States Discuss Challenges of Tx Planning at MACRUC
PJM and other RTOs are seeing a “very dynamic” transmission system as older generation retires and a whole new class of generation comes online.
Mass. Infrastructure Disputes Need Fast Track, Researcher Says
An MIT professor told Mass. legislators that the state needs a policy solution for long development delays from clean energy infrastructure opposition.
EIM Governing Body Rejects Part of CAISO Summer Plan
The Western EIM Governing Body rejected CAISO’s proposal to head off summer capacity shortfalls by limiting wheel-throughs during times of scarcity.
CAISO Issues Final Report on August Blackouts
CAISO and state agencies released a final analysis of the August blackouts and steps they are taking to prevent capacity shortfalls this summer and beyond.

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