December 11, 2023


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PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: April 12, 2022
PJM proposes a new subcommittee to continue discussions of interconnection process changes after the Interconnection Process Reform Task Force wraps up.
Stakeholder Soapbox: Three FERC Fixes to Enable Transmission Competition
LS Power CEO Paul Segal says the U.S. should appoint independent system planners, mandate interregional transfer capability and boost transmission competition.
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FERC Accepts PJM CTOA Revisions
FERC on Tuesday accepted revisions to PJM's Consolidated Transmission Owners Agreement, changing voting rules at the TOA-AC.
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EPSA Panel Debates Role of ISOs, RTOs in Decarbonization
Organized power markets may be more successful at decarbonizing the energy supply, but they face challenges in meeting ambitious policy goals, experts say.
Energy Facilities Siting Board
East Boston Substation Saga Continues as Eversource Seeks Permits
Eversource's request to expedite 15 state and local permits is the latest development in a long-running dispute over the substation.
London Economics
FERC Accepts PJM ARR/FTR Market Changes
FERC accepted PJM’s revisions intended to increase transparency into and the efficiency of the RTO’s ARR and financial FTR markets.
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Overheard at the 2022 Texas Energy Summit
The Texas Energy Summit gathered in person for the first time since the February 2021 winter storm that nearly collapsed the ERCOT grid.
Ørsted New Jersey Wind Project Faces Local Opposition
Ocean Wind project developer Ørsted has asked the New Jersey BPU to approve an easement to run cables in Ocean City regardless of the town’s wishes.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Feb. 10, 2022
PJM provided an update at last week’s Operating Committee meeting on the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act and its impact on the RTO.
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MISO Planning Subcommittee Briefs: Feb. 8, 2022
MISO's Feb. 8 Planning Subcommittee meeting introduced a new task team dedicated to transmission reconfigurations.

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