May 22, 2024

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

Tri-State G&T
FERC Directs Additional Compliance for Tri-State on Exit Fees
FERC ordered Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association to rework two filings involving departing members in orders issued March 29. 
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FERC Rejects Tri-State Rates for Failing to Unbundle Ancillary Services
FERC rejected Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s proposed rates, ruling that the cooperative failed to unbundle ancillary services as has been required since 1996. 
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Colorado PUC Sets Rules for Electricity Market Participation
The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has proposed rules that would govern how it will review applications from utilities wishing to join the various regional markets being developed in the Western Interconnection.
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CAISO Wins (Nearly) Sweeping FERC Approval for EDAM
CAISO marked a key milestone in its Western expansion efforts after FERC approved nearly every aspect of its proposed Extended Day-Ahead Market.
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FERC Picks ‘Balance Sheet Approach’ Exit Fee for Tri-State Members
FERC issued an order ending a couple years of litigation over what Tri-State can charge its exiting members, picking a "Balance Sheet Approach" initially proposed by departing member United Power and then modified by commission staff.
United States Energy Association
USEA Panelists Highlight Renewable Integration Challenges
As the transition to clean energy contributes to the risk of energy shortfalls, electric industry stakeholders say keeping the grid operating reliably will require new ways of thinking.
Basin Electric Power Corporation
FERC Accepts Basin Tariff Revisions, Sets for Hearing
FERC accepted SPP’s proposed tariff revisions for Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s formulate rate template.
NERC ‘Very Happy’ With GridEx VII Participation
NERC's three-day GridEx exercise tested electric grid stakeholders on their response to a wide variety of threats.
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FERC Rejects Tri-State’s Exit Deal with United Power
FERC found that Tri-State did not demonstrate that United's withdrawal agreement was just and reasonable under the Federal Power Act.
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FERC Rules on Four Issues from Tri-State Rate Filing
FERC has affirmed, in part, and reversed, in part, four disputes arising from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s first jurisdictional rate filing before the commission in 2019.

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