December 3, 2023

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

Basin Electric Power Corporation
FERC Accepts Basin Tariff Revisions, Sets for Hearing
FERC accepted SPP’s proposed tariff revisions for Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s formulate rate template.
NERC ‘Very Happy’ With GridEx VII Participation
NERC's three-day GridEx exercise tested electric grid stakeholders on their response to a wide variety of threats.
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FERC Rejects Tri-State’s Exit Deal with United Power
FERC found that Tri-State did not demonstrate that United's withdrawal agreement was just and reasonable under the Federal Power Act.
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FERC Rules on 4 Issues from Tri-State Rate Filing
FERC has affirmed, in part, and reversed, in part, four disputes arising from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s first jurisdictional rate filing before the commission in 2019.
Xcel Energy
PSCo, Idaho Power Comply with Show-cause Order
FERC has approved two Western utilities’ revisions to their transmission formula rate protocols in their response to a show cause proceeding begun last year.
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New Study: Increased Savings from SPP RTO West Expansion
Western utilities interested in SPP’s RTO West offering released a study showing the grid operator’s expansion could produce huge annual savings.
Western Area Power Administration
FERC Revokes Tri-State’s Market-based Rate Authority in WACM
FERC revoked Tri-State's market-based rate authority in the Western Area Power Administration's Colorado-Missouri balancing authority area.
FERC Orders More Refunds from 2020 Western Heat Wave
FERC continued to tell utilities to refund premiums they earned on top of extraordinarily high prices in August 2020 during a heat wave.
Tri-State G&T
FERC Rejects Conditional Withdrawals from Tri-State
FERC rejected United Power’s request to provide Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association with a nonbinding, conditional withdrawal notice.
Industry Welcomes DOE’s Better Grid Initiative
The industry says DOE's Building a Better Grid initiative will prioritize national transmission solutions, allowing more renewable resources on the grid.

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