April 17, 2024

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Senate EPW Committee
Permitting Delays, Inflation Put Double Whammy on IIJA and IRA
Successful implementation of the funding bills may hinge on Congress’ ability to put politics aside and hammer out legislation to streamline federal permitting.
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Congress Doubling Down on Bipartisan Push for ‘Permitting Reform’
Congressional Democrats and Republicans both seek changes to federal permitting rules, but each party seeks to serve different ends.
Industry Says DOE Proposal Would Exacerbate Transformer Shortages
DOE's proposal to update efficiency standards for distribution transformers would make supply shortages of the key grid equipment worse, industry argued.
The White House
Biden, Democrats Unveil $1.75T Build Back Better Framework
President Biden rolled out a new framework for a whittled-down budget reconciliation package that includes $555 billion in clean energy funding.
Whitehouse: Business Can Move GOP on Carbon
A dozen Senate Republicans are willing to consider a price on carbon but need cover from business groups, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse told ACORE.
EPA’s Carbon Rules Attacked from Both Flanks
The EPA proposed carbon emission rules took fire last week from both Republicans and coal-state Democrats — who said it would cause economic woes — and environmentalists, who said it was an inadequate response to climate change.
Duke Energy
Federal Briefs
Briefs from federal agencies governing PJM Interconnection and other national organizations. This week's news include stories from the EPA, the Supreme Court, the NRC, FERC and NRECA.

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