December 2, 2023

U.S. Congress – Senate (U.S. Senate)

Senate Budget Committee
Senate Committee Looks into Climate Change’s Grid Impacts
Climate change is already causing billions of dollars in economic costs and infrastructure damage, including the power grid, the Senate Budget Committee heard.
Sen. Ed Markey via Twitter
Dems Introduce Bill on Transmission Planning, RTO Transparency

Congressional Democrats have reintroduced legislation to require FERC to establish interregional  transmission planning processes and increase RTO transparency.

Lawmakers, White House Promise More Work on Permitting After Debt Deal
Debt deal limits page counts and time on environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act, but other work remains, and frustrations surface.
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Congress Doubling Down on Bipartisan Push for ‘Permitting Reform’
Congressional Democrats and Republicans both seek changes to federal permitting rules, but each party seeks to serve different ends.
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
GOP Energy Bill Passes House, Heads for Hostile Senate
The GOP-led House passed a fossil-fuel friendly energy infrastructure bill that Democrats said will be “dead on arrival” in the Senate.
IRA’s EV Tax Credits Spark Senate Debate
The IRA's EV tax credits sparked a Senate debate as Sen. Joe Manchin pushed for a floor vote on a bill that could delay the credits for some EV buyers.
Manchin Permitting Bill Falls Short in Senate
The Senate rejected Sen. Joe Manchin’s bid to tag his controversial permitting bill to the National Defense Authorization Act.
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Manchin Permitting Package Cut from Spending Bill
Short of votes, Sen. Joe Manchin withdrew his controversial infrastructure permitting bill from inclusion in the Senate’s must-pass spending bill.
The White House
Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act
President Biden signed the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act (H.R. 5376) into law, kicking off an aggressive pre-midterm election campaign.
Resources for the Future
How Much Will the IRA Cut GHG Emissions, Home Energy Costs?
A panel of industry analysts presented their estimates of how much the Inflation Reduction Act would reduce emissions and its impact on household energy costs.

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