July 13, 2024

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

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GSA, DOD to Power Federal Facilities with 2.7M MWh of Clean Energy
With more than 300,000 buildings, the U.S. government is the nation’s largest energy consumer and “a steady customer prepared to make long-term investments,” GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan said.
Panelists Warn of Winter Weather’s National Security Risks
Speakers on an ACORE webinar warned that the national security risks of electricity outages at military bases is unappreciated.
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)
Potential Military/NASA Conflict with OSW Seen in Wind Energy Area
BOEM has drawn three new wind energy areas off the coasts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.
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Need for Nuclear, Grid Reliability Top Fed Officials’ Concerns
Officials from the departments of Energy and Defense expressed their concerns about the growing threats to the grid at a D.C. forum.
U.S. Air Force
DOE Calls for Better Engagement on Defense Infrastructure
A new report from the Department of Energy found multiple areas for improvement on its coordination with utilities that serve U.S. defense facilities.
U.S. Energy Imformation Administration
GSA, DOD Gear up to Meet Biden’s 100% Clean Energy Goal
The U.S. government issued a request for information in its first step toward ensuring all its power consumption will be from carbon-free resources by 2030.
Offshore Wind Plans Take Shape in California
An early-stage proposal for offshore wind in California emerged at a state Energy Commission workshop, which also showcased powerful opposition.
U.S. Air Force
Military not Waiting for Trump’s Resilience ‘Solution’
The military has been among the leaders in seeking to make its facilities more resilient and adding renewable power, energy storage and microgrids.
Military Sees Climate Change as Growing Threat
Although President Trump has dismissed climate change as a threat, the Defense Department has been planning for it since at least 1977.
PJM Grid 20/20 Debates Meaning of Resilience
The term "resilience" can mean many different things to different sectors, as discussions at PJM's Grid 20/20 conference demonstrated.

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