June 14, 2024

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

CISA Releases AI Security Guidelines
The rapid spread of AI software prompted CISA and other global cybersecurity agencies to create new guidelines for safe development of machine learning tools.
Granholm Says DOE Keeping an Eye on Winter Fuels
The federal government is standing ready to help New England with fuel supply and grid reliability this winter, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said.
Report: US Energy Sector Lags on Cyber Preparedness, Response
The clean energy transition in the U.S. is creating a grid that is increasingly distributed and increasingly digital, making it vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Distribution a Cyber Weak Point, GAO Warns
Electric distribution systems carrying energy to end consumers are vulnerable to cyberattacks, but a new report says these risks are “not fully” addressed.
Report: Congress Should Pass a National Transmission Policy
A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine calls for an expanded role for federal leadership in transmission planning.
After Contradicting Trump, Krebs Out at CISA
President Trump fired CISA Director Chris Krebs after he and the agency pushed back against Trump's false claims of electoral fraud.
CISA Releases Pandemic Guidelines for Control Centers
The Department of Homeland Security’s CISA has provided a list of guidelines for safely operating control centers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
NARUC Advised to Consider Liability in Cybersecurity
A panel at NARUC's Winter Policy Summit on the cybersecurity of natural gas infrastructure waded into the world of insurance.
Iran Cyber Threat Increasing, Experts Say
Although fears of an imminent U.S. military conflict with Iran have eased, cybersecurity experts cautioned the country remains an increasing cyber threat.
Overheard at National Academies’ Cyber Hearing
Limits of grid exercises and simulation tools, and the need to prepare for a cyberattack were themes at the National Academies’ conference on grid security.

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