June 24, 2024

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

Alternatives for Community and Environment
Report Shows Uneven Burdens of Power Infrastructure in Mass.
As the Massachusetts legislature gears up to address permitting and siting challenges for clean energy infrastructure, a new report shows how the state has disproportionately sited electricity infrastructure in environmental justice communities.
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MISO Members Mull Full Impact of DER Aggregations in Markets
MISO members pondered at Board Week over how quickly the full impact of Order 2222 will be felt across the footprint.
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MISO Members Doubt Severity of Long-term RA Alarm Bells
Multiple MISO members appeared skeptical at their quarterly meetings that the RTO is destined to face capacity shortfalls before the turn of the decade.
EIA: Renewable Curtailments Rising Steadily in CAISO

CAISO’s curtailment of solar and wind power is on the rise, and about three-quarters of curtailments so far this year have been from transmission congestion.

Idaho National Laboratory
NRC Eases Emergency Preparedness Rules for SMRs
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has finalized emergency preparedness rules for small modular reactors.
FERC Approves Updates to ISO-NE Inventoried Energy Program
FERC agreed with ISO-NE that the updated gas price rates more accurately reflect market conditions.
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Canadian Wildfires Trigger ISO-NE Capacity Deficiency
Canadian wildfires caused just the third ISO-NE capacity deficiency since 2016, demonstrating the increasing reliability threat of climate change.
MISO Stakeholder Activists Propose Equity Principles
The clean energy organizer for the Alliance for Affordable Energy said there’s a lack of accessibility within MISO for individual ratepayers to make their opinions heard on grid decisions that affect them.
Overheard at ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group Meeting
ISO-NE’s Consumer Liaison Group held its quarterly meeting in New Hampshire, its first gathering since climate activists won seats in the group in December.
New Draft of Advanced Clean Cars II Would Speed ZEV Sales
CARB has released a new draft of its proposed Advanced Clean Cars II regulation featuring a faster ramp up to 100% ZEV sales in 2035.

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