November 28, 2023

United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP27)

U.S. Climate Alliance
States Positioned to Lead US Climate Policy, Dem. Governors Say
Two Western governors speaking at COP27 said they see states leading the federal government in tackling climate change measures on the ground in the U.S.
U.S. State Department
Democrats and Republicans Duel at COP27
With the midterm election outcome at the time still uncertain, Democrats and Republicans attending COP27 offered differing visions for reducing U.S. emissions.
United Nations
UN Climate Conference Presidency Preps Guide on Just Financing
The Sharm El-Sheikh Guidebook for Just Financing will map out the role of different stakeholders in global climate financing.
Photorush, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Utilities Could Double US Nuclear Capacity by 2050, NEI Chief Says
CNOs at the Nuclear Energy Institute’s member utilities say they plan to add a total of 90 GW of nuclear capacity to the grid, CEO Maria Korsnick said.
United Nations
Status of Corporate Net-zero Pledges is ‘Bleak,’ Researcher Says
The team behind the Net Zero Tracker has released its first global stocktake since completing a baseline quantitative analysis last year.
United Nations
Bonn Climate Conference Sets Stage for COP27 in Egypt
UNFCC subsidiary bodies will hold meetings through June 16, with a focus on mitigation, adaptation, finance, and loss and damage.
VC Firm Sees Key Role for Tech in Clean Food Systems
Hans Tung of GGV Capital says climate-smart agriculture can reduce food waste and the emissions associated with it through balanced supply and demand.

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