May 23, 2024

United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28)

Global Wind Energy Council
Wind Energy Development Set Records Worldwide in 2023
The 2024 wind energy report by the Global Wind Energy Council shows record growth in 2023 but says much more is needed.
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Good COP, Bad COP: Thoughts from the Edge of COP28
In a Reporter’s Notebook, NetZero Insider correspondent Dej Knuckey shares how COP28 left her with feelings of hope and despair.
EDF Renewables
COP28: 118 Countries Pledge to Triple Renewables to 11,000 GW by 2030
Renewables pledge calls for ending investment in new coal-fired power plants, "which is incompatible with efforts to limit warning to 1.5°C.”
United Nations
COP28 Leaders Divided on Role of Fossil Fuels in Energy Transition
Earth is living through its hottest year on record, and global efforts to curb human-generated greenhouse gas emissions driving those high temperatures are not keeping up with commitments to cut emissions.
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COP28: The World Can’t Afford an ‘Orderly’ Energy Transition
Mistakes along the way are essential as the world attempts to solve the complex and broken ecosystem that caused climate change, world leaders said in a COP28 panel discussion.
S&P Global
As COP28 Begins, Experts Say Paris Agreement Targets Are Out of Reach
Hydrocarbons are not going away anytime soon despite growing climate financing and escalating renewables deployment, industry analysts said.
White House Releases Climate Assessment, $6B for Resilience Projects
DOE is opening the second round of funding for its Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnership program, which will offer $3.9 billion from the IIJA for projects that will modernize the grid, increase capacity, and unlock renewable energy resources.
United Nations
UN Report Calls for Quicker Global Emissions Reductions
The United Nations' global stocktake report showed that while some steps have been taken on climate change, more work is needed and soon to avoid its worst impacts.
Report: G20 Fossil Fuel Subsidies Hit Record $1.4T in 2022
Global investments in renewables are more concentrated not only in developed countries but also in developed technologies. Solar PV and onshore and offshore wind are accounting for almost 97% of investments.

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