May 26, 2024

United Nations (UN)

United Nations
COP28 Leaders Divided on Role of Fossil Fuels in Energy Transition
Earth is living through its hottest year on record, and global efforts to curb human-generated greenhouse gas emissions driving those high temperatures are not keeping up with commitments to cut emissions.
United Nations
Calif. Governor: ‘Climate Crisis is a Fossil Fuel Crisis’
Saying that 'humanity has opened the gates of hell,' UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for an end to subsidies for fossil fuels worldwide and a phaseout of all coal-fired generation in well-off countries by 2030.
United Nations
UN Report Calls for Quicker Global Emissions Reductions
The United Nations' global stocktake report showed that while some steps have been taken on climate change, more work is needed and soon to avoid its worst impacts.
Guterres Tells COP27: ‘We’re on a Highway to Climate Hell’
World leaders at COP27 said fossil fuel companies should be required to put some of their billions in profits into the fight against climate change.
IPCC Report Calls for Urgent Action on Climate Change
The world must quickly and radically cut its dependence on fossil fuels or face disaster, says the latest United Nations report on climate change.
COP26 Opens as G20 Finalizes Climate Communiqué
Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies agreed in a climate communiqué to support meaningful and effective action to limit global warming.
Global Companies Scale Toward 24-7 Clean Energy
American companies with global operations are partnering with international organizations to fully decarbonize their activities by 2030.
United Nations
UN Hosts Energy Dialogue During General Assembly
The United Nations convened a “high-level dialogue on energy,” the first gathering of leaders at the U.N. in more than 40 years devoted solely to energy issues.

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