December 3, 2023

United States Energy Association (USEA)

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Overheard at USEA’s 2023 Public Policy Forum
The United States Energy Association saw a change of leadership and heard from speakers on the transition to clean energy at its annual meeting.
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Panel Debates Impact of Renewables, Electrification on Reliability
A USEA media briefing addressed the “crisis ahead for electric utilities" as policymakers seek to decarbonize the grid while electrifying the economy.
DERs in Wholesale Markets Still Years Away
DERs are still a couple years away from actually participating at the wholesale level as FERC works on RTO and ISO compliance with Order 2222.
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Top Energy Trade Groups Highlight 2023 Goals at USEA
Top leaders from Washington, D.C. and energy trade groups gathered in person for the U.S. Energy Association's Annual State of the Energy Industry Forum.
U.S. Energy Association
ESSC To-do List: Labor Shortage, Forest Management, Transformers
The Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council is discussing how the industry can deploy newfound federal funding to accelerate the energy transition.
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USEA Panel Explores How to Cut CO2 as Electricity Demand Increases
The impact of growing power demand is a key problem in the drive to decarbonize U.S. electricity, said Robert Rowe, president of NorthWestern Energy.
Utilities See Challenges, Opportunities in Supply Chain Issues
Participants in a U.S. Energy Association webinar said electric industry stakeholders must work together to address supply chain issues.
Overheard: USEA Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain Briefing
The U.S. has an abundance of critical minerals, but not the political will to build out mining and processing supply chains, USEA panelists said.
Industry Welcomes DOE’s Better Grid Initiative
The industry says DOE's Building a Better Grid initiative will prioritize national transmission solutions, allowing more renewable resources on the grid.
Overheard at USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum
The U.S. has a diverse range of energy resources, and all are critical to the nation’s clean energy future, said industry reps speaking at a USEA conference.

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