July 14, 2024

variable energy resources (VERs)

Berkeley Lab
Do Batteries or Transmission Produce Greater Benefits?
A new Berkeley Lab report weighs the benefits of storage versus transmission for wind and solar projects.
NERC Warns of Ongoing Extreme Weather Risks
The coming decade will see “extraordinary reliability challenges and opportunities” amid rapid changes in the North American electric grid, NERC staff said.
Risk from Variable Resources Increasing, WECC Says
WECC said the addition 80 GW of wind and solar resources to the Western grid in the next decade will require higher planning reserve margins than anticipated.
WECC Warns West Heading for Resource Shortfalls by 2025
WECC's annual resource adequacy assessment warned that customers throughout the Western Interconnection will be at risk of load loss by 2025.
CAISO Reevaluating WEIM Resource Sufficiency Test
The Western Energy Imbalance Market Governing Body and CAISO Board of Governors were briefed on proposed changes to the WEIM resource sufficiency test.
WECC Regional Assessment to Focus on Variability
WECC's annual Western Assessment of Resource Adequacy will focus on variability in demand and generation, the organization's Board of Directors heard Wednesday.
NPCC Focuses on Reliability, Integrating DERs, and Security
NPCC will focus next year on ensuring reliability, integrating DERs and renewables and protecting infrastructure from cyber and physical threats.
Primoris Services Corp.
Flexible Ramping Grows as Ancillary Service
RTOs and ISOs described their strategies for using quick ramping products to offset weather-dependent renewable resources at a FERC conference Tuesday.
ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: Feb. 17, 2021
Eversource Energy has proposed replacing a self-contained fluid-filled cable on its Connecticut transmission system.
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SPP Generator Interconnection Group Wraps up Work
SPP members approved one of two Generator Interconnection Improvement Task Force recommendations but took no action on the second.

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