May 23, 2024

Virginia House of Representatives (VA House)

Policymakers Working to Meet Spiking Demand of Data Centers in Virginia
Demand growth in Northern Virginia's power-hungry Data Center Alley is accelerating, and policymakers are trying to ensure new demand can be met reliably.
House of Delegates Commerce and Energy Committee
Virginia Panel Clears Bills to Increase SCC Rate Authority
The Virginia House Commerce and Energy Committee voted to tighten regulation of electric utility rates as disparate interests lined up behind two bills.
Dominion Energy
Dominion-backed Bill Promises Savings, but Comes with Strings
Dominion is backing a bill that critics say would limit Virginia regulators' ability to set its rates, while the utility says it would save consumers millions.
Borrego Solar Systems
Shared Solar at Risk from High Fees, Virginia Advocates Warn
Residential customers will be charged about $55/month to participate in community solar programs in Dominion Energy territory in Virginia.
State of Maryland
Maryland Climate Bills Become Law Without Hogan’s Signature
In a surprise move, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) allowed two key pieces of climate-related legislation to become law on Friday without his signature.
Gov. Glenn Youngkin
Youngkin Takes 1st Steps Toward Virginia RGGI Withdrawal
In one of his first acts as Virginia governor, Glenn Youngkin signed an order aimed at taking the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
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Youngkin Taps Trump’s Former EPA Chief to Head Virginia DNR
Andrew Wheeler, the former coal industry lobbyist who led EPA under President Trump, is now slated to head Virginia’s Department of Environmental Resources.
Youngkin for Governor
Youngkin Vows to Pull Va. from RGGI
Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin vowed to pull Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, but supporters said he doesn’t have the power to do so.
Virginia Adopts Advanced Clean Cars Regulations for 2025 Models
The Virginia DEQ approved a measure to adopt standards that will reduce tailpipe emissions and set zero-emission vehicle sales requirements.
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Virginia Clean Economy Act Appears Safe for Now
Virginia’s landmark Clean Economy Act is unlikely to face major changes soon despite Republicans’ electoral victories, speakers told an Infocast conference.

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