April 21, 2024

voltage support service (VSS)

Ariel Corp.
NYISO Operating Committee Briefs: Oct. 13, 2022
NYISO recommended removing NY-PJM IROL limitations as well as highlighted and approved manual updates related to ancillary services and reliability needs.
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FERC Seeks Comments on Reactive Power Compensation
FERC approved an inquiry into how reactive power capability should be compensated in the face of changing conditions on the nation’s electricity grid.
FERC Accepts NYISO Voltage Support Rate
FERC accepted NYISO’s new method for calculating payments for voltage support services, which will keep the overall expenditure constant in the near term.
FERC Requests More Info on NYISO Voltage Compensation Change
FERC says a filing made by NYISO to calculate payments for voltage support services (VSS) is deficient.
NYISO Rejects Protests on Voltage Compensation
NYISO defended its proposed redesign of voltage support compensation, telling FERC it should reject calls by generators for additional inflation adjustments.

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