December 3, 2023

Washington Department of Ecology (WA ECY)

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Wash. Cap-and-trade Opponents Advance Repeal Petition to Sec. of State

Opponents of Washington’s fledgling cap-and-trade program have delivered 418,399 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in a push to repeal the program.

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Washington’s 2nd Cap-and-trade Reserve Auction Raises $259.5M
Washington's Nov. 8 cap-and-trade auction cleared all 5 million carbon emissions allowances put up for bid at a Tier 1 price of $51.90 the state's Ecology Department said. 
Puget Soundkeeper
Wash. Looks to Join California-Quebec Cap-and-Trade Market

The state will tentatively seek to link its cap-and-trade program with the California-Quebec carbon market in an effort to reduce the financial impact of pricing carbon in its economy.

Washington Dept. of Ecology
Analysis Favors Wash. Linkage with Calif. Cap-and-trade Program
A decision by Washington to link its cap-and-trade program to the one shared by California and Quebec should benefit participants in both systems, according to preliminary analysis by the state.
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Wash. Weighs Joining California-Quebec Cap-and-trade Program

Washington state officials expect to soon decide whether to join the California-Quebec cap-and-trade program.

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Wash. Judge Rejects Cap-and-trade Lawsuit
The suit by a conservative group attempted to halt the state’s cap-and trade program by eliminating Department of Ecology’s rulemaking authority.
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Wash. Allowance Prices Surge Again in 3rd Cap-and-trade Auction
Allowance prices continued to rise after the state’s latest cap-and-trade auction cleared at $63.03, up nearly 13% from the previous auction.
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Wash. Raises $62.5M from Cap-and-trade Reserve Auction
Washington’s first cap-and-trade auction from the program’s Allowance Price Containment Reserve raised almost $62.5 million, the Ecology Department said.
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Washington Auctions Reserve Carbon Allowances to Relieve Price Pressure
Washington held a special cap-and-trade auction intended to help keep carbon costs in check after May’s quarterly auction cleared at an unexpectedly high price.
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Cap-and-trade Driving up Washington Gasoline Prices, Critics Say

Critics of Washington’s cap-and-trade system blame it for the state's high gas prices, but defenders say other factors are at play too.

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