April 21, 2024

Western heat waves

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California to Keep Old Gas Plants Operating for Reliability
The California Energy Commission agreed to keep three old, environmentally damaging gas-fired plants operating along the coast for grid reliability, despite an outpouring of opposition.
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‘Uncertainty’ Prompts CAISO to Declare Another EEA Watch

CAISO declared an EEA watch for a second straight day, citing “uncertainty” about energy supply and load forecasts, transmission constraints and high electricity demand in the Western U.S.

Ramping Shortfall Sparks CAISO’s 1st Summer Emergency
CAISO issued its first energy emergency alert of the summer after falling short on ramping capacity as solar output rolled off its system.  
Batteries Multiply in CAISO, Soak up Solar
The more than 5,000 MW of batteries connected to the CAISO grid are playing in increasing role in maintaining reliability, a report from the ISO's Market Monitor shows.
WECC Says Summer Looks Better with Caveats
The Western summer reliability outlook is better than in recent years, but shortfalls could arise because of supply chain problems or scarce imports, WECC says.
Hydro, New Resources Boost CAISO’s Summer Outlook
CAISO says that 8,100 MW of new resources and California's record snowpack, which is expected to increase hydro generation by 72%, improve its summer forecast.
WEIM Q3 Benefits Top $500M, Near $3B Total
CAISO's Western Energy Imbalance Market reached a record $526 million in benefits in Q3 and neared $3 billion in cumulative benefits since it started in 2014.
CAISO Reports on Summer Heat Wave Performance
CAISO said it avoided September blackouts through a combination of public conservation, imported electricity and coordination with utilities and agencies.
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CAISO Issues EDAM Straw Proposal for the West
CAISO issued a straw proposal for its extended day-ahead offering in the Western Energy Imbalance Market, a renewed effort at greater Western regionalization.
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Summer Hydro Outlook Iffy in California
A dry January and February are clouding the prospects for hydroelectric generation this summer following two years of severe drought in California.

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