December 11, 2023

Western Power Pool (WPP)

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In West, Proposals for Tx Planning Proliferate Faster than New Lines

State-led CREPC should spearhead an effort to boost development of new transmission in the West, according to the findings of an initiative that included former FERC Chair Richard Glick.

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Plan Seeks to Boost Prospects for New Transmission in the West

The Western Power Pool floated a plan to revamp transmission planning in the West to spur development of the kind of large-scale transmission projects FERC’s Order 1000 has failed to produce.

Public Service Co. of New Mexico Joins WRAP
Public Service Co. of New Mexico joined the Western Power Pool's Western Resource Adequacy Program, bringing the number of participants to 22.
Western Power Pool
WPP CEO Looks to ‘Earliest Possible’ Binding Season for WRAP
CEO Sarah Edmonds would like to see the WRAP become “binding” on its participants as soon as possible, but making that transition could still be years away.
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EBA Addresses ‘Zeitgeist’ of Western Regionalization
The Energy Bar Association Western Chapter heard panelists and CAISO's CEO discuss rapidly evolving efforts to organize markets and an RA program in the West.
FERC Approves Western Resource Adequacy Program
FERC approved the tariff for the Western Power Pool's Western Resource Adequacy Program, allowing the binding phase of the program to commence in 2025.
California Assembly
Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Turn CAISO into RTO
A key California lawmaker introduced a bill to allow CAISO to become a Western RTO by expanding its governance to include representatives from other states.
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SPP Makes Moves Out of the Southwest
SPP continues to make a misnomer out of the "Southwest" portion of its name, expanding its beachhead in the Western Interconnection along several fronts.
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Western RA Program Secures First ‘Binding’ Phase Participants
Nearly a dozen utilities committed to joining the “binding” iteration of the Western Resource Adequacy Program, with more expected to sign on later this month.
Western Energy Leaders Explore Grid Integration
Energy leaders from California and other Western states met in a workshop to explore the benefits of developing regional markets, including one or more RTOs.

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