June 19, 2024

Western Power Trading Forum

CAISO, WEIM Boards Approve Proposal to Raise Offer Cap
CAISO’s Board of Governors and WEIM Governing Body unanimously voted to approve an expedited proposal to increase the ISO’s soft offer cap from $1,000/MWh to $2,000.
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Seams Concerns Won’t Drive Day-ahead Market Decision, BPA Says
BPA’s choice of a day-ahead market will not be driven by concerns about the impact of the seams that would divide the two markets proposed for the West, an agency official made clear.
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Western Officials Get Rundown on ‘Irritating, Inefficient’ Market Seams
Utility staff charged with managing real-time operations will be equipped to deal with the seams between two Western day-ahead markets, but the situation will be far from ideal, Western state energy officials heard at the CREPC-WIRAB spring conference.
CAISO, Stakeholders Consider 2 GHG Mechanisms for EDAM

CAISO stakeholders and staff could soon be weighing two options for enabling the EDAM to track GHGs in a way that accommodates the patchwork of different carbon reduction programs across Western states.

West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative
Pathways Initiative Discloses Funders, Reiterates Goals
The West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative has secured commitments of financial support from 24 utilities and other electricity-sector organizations and expects that list to grow.
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Northwest Public Power Group Endorses Markets+ over EDAM
The Public Power Council has asked the Bonneville Power Administration to choose SPP’s Markets+ when the agency issues its day-ahead market “leaning” in April.
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Western Market Seams Issues to Differ from East, Study Finds

The study finds dividing CAISO’s EDAM from SPP’s Markets+ would create seams that pose a different set of problems than challenges seen at the boundaries of full RTOs in other parts of the U.S.

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West Entered Pivotal Period for RTO Development in 2023

Future historians of the U.S. electricity sector one day might conclude the development of an RTO in the West hinged on two separate but interrelated events occurring on one day in July 2023.

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CAISO Wins (Nearly) Sweeping FERC Approval for EDAM
CAISO marked a key milestone in its Western expansion efforts after FERC approved nearly every aspect of its proposed Extended Day-Ahead Market.
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FERC Approves CAISO Wheel-through Rule Changes

FERC approved a raft of CAISO tariff changes intended to ease temporary restrictions on wheeling power through the ISO’s grid under emergency conditions.

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