July 19, 2024


Cal Fire
Wildfire Prompts CAISO’s 1st Transmission Emergency of Summer
CAISO declared its first transmission emergency of the summer as a fast-spreading Northern California fire forced PG&E to de-energize transmission lines near one of the state’s key hydroelectric facilities.
Texas A&M Forest Service
Wildfire Litigation Poses Threat to Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy says it expects to incur a financial loss from Texas wildfires that could have a “material adverse effect” on the company’s bottom line.
State Farm
Hawaii PUC Approves HECO Grid Resilience Plan
The Hawaii PUC approved HECO's resilience plan to harden the grid against wildfires and other natural threats.
U.S. Coast Guard
House E&C Members Grill HECO CEO About Maui Fires
Subcommittee members had pointed questions for Hawaiian Electric's CEO over the company's role in the Maui wildfires in August.
State Farm
Hawaiian Electric Faces Multiple Lawsuits over Wildfires
Hawaii's main electric utility faces multiple lawsuits accusing it of neglecting wildfire preparations.
Office of Gov. Gavin Newsom
California, Australia Forge Climate Pact
Faced with similar threats from climate change, California and Australia have agreed to battle the climate crisis together.
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Canadian Wildfires Trigger ISO-NE Capacity Deficiency
Canadian wildfires caused just the third ISO-NE capacity deficiency since 2016, demonstrating the increasing reliability threat of climate change.
WECC Says Summer Looks Better with Caveats
The Western summer reliability outlook is better than in recent years, but shortfalls could arise because of supply chain problems or scarce imports, WECC says.
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RTOs Report Diminished Solar Output, Loads as Wildfire Smoke Passes
RTOs in the Northeast are experiencing diminished solar output and lower-than-expected loads as smoke from Canadian wildfires passes over the region.
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Western Grid Challenges Weighed at WCPSC Meeting
Western regulators heard from a power panel of CEOs on maintaining grid reliability in the face of fires, storms, extreme heat and supply chain disruptions.

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