December 8, 2023


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Canadian Wildfires Trigger ISO-NE Capacity Deficiency
Canadian wildfires caused just the third ISO-NE capacity deficiency since 2016, demonstrating the increasing reliability threat of climate change.
WECC Says Summer Looks Better with Caveats
The Western summer reliability outlook is better than in recent years, but shortfalls could arise because of supply chain problems or scarce imports, WECC says.
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Western Grid Challenges Weighed at WCPSC Meeting
Western regulators heard from a power panel of CEOs on maintaining grid reliability in the face of fires, storms, extreme heat and supply chain disruptions.
Hydro, New Resources Boost CAISO’s Summer Outlook
CAISO says that 8,100 MW of new resources and California's record snowpack, which is expected to increase hydro generation by 72%, improve its summer forecast.
PG&E Looks to Cut Costs of Undergrounding Lines
Pacific Gas and Electric said burying power lines more shallowly would trim the costs of its $25 billion plan to underground 10,000 miles to prevent wildfires.
Bureau of Reclamation
WECC Summer Outlook Weighs Hydropower, Wildfires
WECC held a two-day webinar on the outlook for this summer, including Western wildfires and hydropower conditions in the Colorado and Columbia River basins.
Blue Lake Rancheria
California PUC Approves Microgrid Incentive Package
The CPUC approved funding and rules for its Microgrid Incentive Program, which helps build standalone power systems for communities vulnerable to outages.
WECC Report Reviews State of the Western Interconnection
Among the topics covered by WECC’s State of the Interconnection report, one subject stands out: the impact of extreme natural events on the Western grid.
University of California, Berkeley
West Must Fight Wildfire with Fire, Forest Scientists Say
Forest experts speaking at a WIEB conference offered attendees a seemingly paradoxical message about how the West can best prevent catastrophic wildfires.
Heat Wave to Test Western Grid this Weekend
Forecasters say California and the Southwest will see extreme heat this weekend, with conditions like those that strained the grid over Labor Day weekend 2020.

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