July 15, 2024

Willie Phillips

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FERC Approves New Pathway for New England Transmission Projects
FERC approved ISO-NE’s proposal of a new process to solicit, select and allocate costs for transmission projects that address needs identified in long-term planning studies.
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Phillips, Christie Debate Loper Bright’s Impact on FERC Order 1920
The Supreme Court’s decision in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo is already making waves in the rehearing process on FERC Order 1920.
FERC ANOPR Seeks to Move the Ball Forward on Dynamic Line Ratings
FERC is moving forward on its examination of dynamic line ratings, with the issuance of an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking indicating the commission is considering requiring the transmission industry to adopt the technology.
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Senate Confirms Chang as Clements’ Replacement on FERC
The Senate confirmed Judy Chang to a five-year term at FERC, meaning the commission will be at a full complement of five members even after Commissioner Allison Clements leaves at the end of June.
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FERC Chair: States not Benefiting from Grid Projects Won’t Pay — Period
Speaking at the Exelon Innovation Expo, Phillips stressed FERC Order 1920's innovative approach to long-term planning for regional transmission, with a focus on reliability, affordability and sustainability. 
FERC Watchers Digest Order 1920 and Forecast its Future
The ultimate future of FERC Order 1920 depends on rehearing, implementation and inevitable litigation, but after reading through the order itself in the past week, many stakeholders see it as an important step forward in expanding the grid.
FERC Issues Transmission Rule Without ROFR Changes, Christie’s Vote
FERC issued Order 1920, its long-awaited final rule on long-term regional transmission planning and cost allocation, but it could not fulfill hopes for a unanimous vote.
FERC Approves NYISO’s 10-kW Minimum for DERs in Aggregations
FERC approved NYISO’s proposed tariff revisions that set rules for distributed energy resources seeking to participate in its markets, including a 10-kW minimum for individual resources to be included in an aggregation.
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NY Energy Officials Optimistic About Transition Despite Slow Progress
Transmission development and siting reform were a central theme at the 2024 New York Energy Summit.
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SERC Board of Directors/Members Meeting Briefs: March 27, 2024
SERC Reliability approved a slate of directors for the coming two years and heard an update on the regional entity's 2025 budget.

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